An Interpreter at Your Facility

Lingual Passport, LLC can provide a live interpreter at your facility to interpret conversations between English and Japanese. These conversations may involve automotive or industrial processes as well as other aspects of the business such as human resources, accounting, and management. Conversations may be on the plant floor, in a meeting, or "ad hoc" in the hallway. Our goal is to serve.

Simultaneous Interpretation - We do simultaneous interpretation. With this method, the interpretation is done as the speaker is speaking. This allows the audience to connect the speaker's gestures more closely with the words spoken. It is a more difficult form, but provides a more accurate understanding of the subject matter. A side benefit is that discussions are shorter than if consecutive interpretation is used.

Combine interpretation with our document translation service and have a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation prepared in English and Japanese. Everyone present will receive a full understanding of the material. They will see, hear, and read it!

And don't forget that these services are also available for your civic or cultural group!

Confidentiality is Assured

We know that these discussions can be sensitive. All details of any conversation will be held in the strictest confidence. We will not tell others in your company what the conversations entailed. Your personnel and financial discussions remain with you. We understand the sensitivity of such matters.

Neither will any information leave your company. You can rest assured that the content, and even the subject, of any such conversations remain with you. Lingual Passport, LLC will not divulge any content or subject to any third party.


The following information will help you in getting started. Please contact us for more information or options. This information is supplied for your planning purposes only. The exact fees, schedules, and other details depend on the particular job and are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Long Term or Short Term - We also do long term assignments. You can schedule an interpreter every Tuesday and Wednesday for the next three months, or for just one day!

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