Japanese to English Documentation Translation

Lingual Passport, LLC can provide an English translation of a Japanese document, usually in the format in which it is received. This service is available for operating procedures, presentations, spreadsheets, manuals, manufacturing instructions, or virtually any other type of document. We primarily use Microsoft® Office 2007 and can read and save files in a variety of formats. We can also work with various web file formats and OpenOffice™ formats. If you do not see your format listed, please contact us. We'll do all we can to get your document translated.

Did You Know?

When translating a document from Japanese to English, a good rule of thumb is that there are two Japanese characters for each English word. This ratio can vary depending upon the nature of the document, e.g. legal, business, or technical.

Pricing is based upon the number of words in the target language, the type of document, and the file format and requisite formatting.

You select the style of translation you want:

And don't forget that these services are also available for your civic or cultural group!

Confidential and Secure

Your files are confidential. Their content, subject matter, and filenames will be held in strictest confidence. If desired, we can encrypt all outgoing e-mail and attachments. Even if you send us un-encrypted files, we can encrypt them when returning the translated copy if you so specify.

We use Windows® 7 for added security and keep the firewall on. Anti virus software is always on and virus scans are performed to keep the machine clean. We also make sure that the operating system and the virus definitions are always up to date.


The following information will help you in getting started. Please contact us for more information or options. This information is supplied for your planning purposes only. The exact fees, schedules, and other details depend on the particular job and are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Contact Us

Contact us now to get a quotation. We can answer your questions and provide any other information you may need to make a decision. We look forward to serving you.

Available Document Formats

No computer file?

We also translate from paper.

- hand written

- xerographic copies

- facsimiles

Some of the available formats are listed below. If you don't see one you need, please contact us.

Document formats

Spreadsheet formats

Presentation formats

Other formats

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