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Lingual Passport was present at the ISO/TC 22/SC 11 Safety Glazing Materials meeting, providing interpretation for the Japanese representatives. Corporate and industry trade professionals as well as SAE and ISO representatives from around the world met to discuss the testing details for these glazing materials. Technical procedures such as mechanical testing, simulated weathering, and high temperature testing were discussed and refined.

These materials are critical safety elements for automobiles. they are used in the windshield, door glass, and sunroofs. They must provide clear visibility, prevent incursions of objects into the passenger compartment, and not become a hazard in themselves. Proper adherence to industry standards helps achieve these goals. The various materials used include annealed glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, glass-plastic, and plastic.

Lingual Passport assisted a metal stamping manufacturer when a new stamping process was introduced. Close work with the Japanese engineers was necessary to insure an accurate understanding of the quality standards. Translation of documents from Japanese to English and English to Japanese enabled the proper procedures to be followed by the American team. Interpretation during meetings and on the production floor provided timely information sharing between engineering and production.

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