About Us

Lingual Passport, LLC was founded in 2010 to provide interpretation and translation services throughout the Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan areas. We specialize in Japanese to English translation and simultaneous interpretation of those two languages.

Our goal is to provide quick, friendly service for both large and small businesses. You may have only an occasional need or you may have a longer term need. We aim to be flexible in order to accommodate your specific need.

Our People

Photo of Sharon Beckford

Sharon Beckford has 40 years experience in the Japanese language and culture. She is a native English speaker and has lived in Japan over 20 years, becoming very familiar with customs and protocol. Totally immersed in the culture, she understands Japanese idioms and has direct experience with various Japanese dialects.

Fourteen years ago, she returned to the United States and began work immediately as a translator for a major automotive supplier. She has experience not only with automotive component terminology, but also with the various quality systems used throughout the industry. Business meetings and quality presentations are familiar territory. She brings understanding of the proper protocol and etiquette to facilitate better communications between all parties.

Jim Beckford has over thirty years of engineering expertise including twenty years operating his own design company. He manages all the day to day business aspects of Lingual Passport, LLC as well as serves as the web master.


Map of the Lingual Passport, LLC area.

We are uniquely situated in northwestern Ohio near Interstate 75. This gives us quick access to the entire automotive and industrial corridor from Detroit to Kentucky. US 30 provides rapid access to the Cleveland area, and US 33 allows a short drive to Columbus. Interstate 70 provides a gateway to Indiana including Indianapolis and Greensburg.